Tuesday, January 31, 2012

P.K. Limited Music (Part One)

Due to a request, we are going to change gears for a moment.

P.K. Limited held down the fort as the Colgems label was on its last legs.

The group--actually Dan Peyton and Marty Kaniger, two songwriters for Screen Gems/Columbia Music--recorded numerous tracks for the label, with some being used as singles, others as soundtrack music, primarily for the film "Getting Straight."

Here is a sample of their music, including the rare "My Share of the Sidewalk" cover.

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More later.

P. K. Limited - My Share of the Sidewalk.mp3
P.K. Limited - Aint No Way.mp3
P.K. Limited - Feelings.mp3
P.K. Limited - Getting Straight (Main Title).mp3
P.K. Limited - Shades of Gray.mp3