Saturday, August 16, 2008

Colgems-Need Your Assistance

I hope you are enjoying the Complete Colgems Singles posts as much as I enjoy putting them up.

Now I have to turn to you for help.

I don't have every Colgems release, and for a future volume, I need the following two songs:

Now That I Need Him (Paula Wayne)
Time Out (Peter Kastner)

Would anyone have both or either of these? If you can help us out, please send them to my email address at MP3s preferred.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Upload: The Complete Colgems Singles (vol. 3)

Here is the third in a continuing series of singles from the Colgems label.

This volume highlights the eclectic mix of artists on the label. The volume begins with one of the Monkees' all-time favorite B sides, Goin' Down, which is their (and Diane Hildebrand's) treatment of Mose Allison's Parchment Farm. The song gave Micky Dolenz his chance at James Brown-like immortality, and remembering the TV series, one of the most beloved videos is of Micky doing a great impersonation of the hardest working man in show business.

But this volume is more than just the Monkees. Two of the most controversial films of the 1960s are represented by songs on this volume--tunes by Quincy Jones (In Cold Blood) and Frank DeVol (Guess Who's Coming To Dinner) gave these films as sharp a musical edge to go with their inherent sharp social themes.

In addition, two celebrities that are better known for other things than singing--Sally Field and Rich Little--are highlighted on this volume.

One special note is the inclusion of Field's Golden Days and The Louder I Sing (The Braver I Get) single. Some discographies state that this record never was actually released; perhaps it was quickly pulled, but it is included here anyway.

Enjoy this volume; there is much, much more to come in this series.

You can access it at