Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Upload: The Complete Colgems Singles (Vol. 5)

Here is the fifth volume of Colgems singles. Highlighted on this set are Fountain of Youth, Jewel Akens, Sajid Khan, Paula Wayne, Lewis and Clarke Expedition, and Peter Kastner.

Notice that there are no Monkees singles on this volume. Peter, Micky, Mike and Davy were preparing for the movie Head, and without a TV show to film, there was a brief lapse in time without any Monkees singles on the market. This allowed these other acts on the label to shine.

The Fountain of Youth contribute a song B side with "Don't Blame Me (For Trying), while soulster Jewel Akens offers two strong sides, "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie" and "You Better Move On."

World music wasn't called that 40 years ago, but Sajid Khan may have been the first world rocker. "Ha Ram" certainly sets the path, with its Indian rhythms. "Getting to Know You" is a cover of the classic tune, but it, too, is handled in a different way from the norm.

Paula Wayne offers more top-flight pop with "Now That I Need Him" and "I'll Break Your Heart," while the Lewis and Clarke Expedition come in strong with another great 45, "Daddy's Plastic Child" and "Gypsy Song Man."

Actor Peter Kastner didn't record much for the label, but this volume contains his strongest single: "I Just Can't Get Over You," and the elusive "Time Out." The latter might just be his best song.

All in all, this collection shows that there was much more to the label than just the Monkees.

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