Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monkees Headquarters Radio Show

In 1986, due to saturation programming on MTV and a successful greatest hits album and comeback single, the Monkees regained their popularity with Baby Boomers and the kids of this group. They were again featured in the pages of the teen magazines, and were selling out one concert venue after another.

WBAU, the radio station of Adelphi University on Long Island, started to program a weekly Monkees show, "Monkees Headquarters," around this time. The show featured Monkees music (both released and unreleased), soundbites from the TV show, and interviews with many of the people who made the show and the entire Monkees world tick.

"Monkees Headquarters" was never a mass market hit, but WBAU created an excellent show around an unlikely subject.

I would like to have you listen to a few of these shows. Taken from the context of when they were broadcast (this one is from 1988), they were excellent guides for those both firmy ensconced in Monkeemania, as well as newbies.

And you will hear lots and lots of Colgems related material on these shows.

I recorded a number of these shows, and they are pretty much intact on 20-plus year old tapes. Some are in pieces (parts 1 and 2), some are pieces of shows, and others are in their entirety.

By the way, a few years after the Monkees radio show had run its course, WBAU was shut down by the university, and it was eventually replaced with a Web-based station.

Here is an entry of the show from July 23, 1988.

Let me know what you think about it.

Monkees Headquarters-July 23, 1988.mp3