Friday, November 28, 2008

New Colgems Group!

I have created a new group that I think you might be interested in. It is called Colgems Singles and it can be accessed at

This is a companion site to my other Yahoo Groups and my other Colgems groups and to this blog. On this site I will repost all of the Colgems singles that have been uploaded onto my other sites. This is a planned nine-volume set, so just so many tunes can be placed at once.

If you are missing a volume, check back there from time to time, and you may find it there in due time.

And please, do not take my files to RapidShare or any of the other services; when that happens, the exclusiveness of my uploads vanishes. I can't stop anyone from doing this, but I would prefer that these files stay here.

This site is set up for those with both dial-up and high-speed connections, and when you use one of those services, dial-up is inevitably shut out, and I don't want that to happen.

This music is for everyone, and that is how I would like it to continue to be.

Larry Lapka

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Upload: The Complete Colgems Singles (Vol. 6)

Finally, with the help of some good people, I was able to complete this latest volume of The Complete Colgems Singles. A few days late, but worth the wait.

This volume highlights the usual Colgems branded bubblegum pop and several movie-related tunes.

Sally Field's two contributions to this volume, "Gonna Build a Mountain" and "Months of the Year" are two non-album tracks that fit right into her popular "Flying Nun" persona.

The Monkees' film "Head" opened in 1968 to horrible reviews, and it was quickly pulled out of theaters, only to emerge years later as a major cult classic. This volume includes the 45 released from the film, "Porpoise Song" and "As We Go Along," and they are the two of the best tracks the Pre-Fab Four ever did. If you have not heard this soundtrack, make it a point to do so, because these are but two of several terrific tunes that can be found on this recording.

Why the Fountain of Youth did not become major recording stars is beyond me. Here is another great single from this band, "Sunshine on a Cold Morning" and "Day Don't Come."

"Interlude" is one of those relics from another age, a film that I still not seen but by all accounts was an excellent late 1960s offering. Here are two songs by composer Georges Delerue, the instrumental of the theme and "The Interlude Triangle." Based on this soundtrack, I would love to see this movie.

Colgems continued to plug Sajid Khan as the Indian version of Davy Jones, and you can hear the comparisons with the single "Dream" and "Someday." His voice is thin, but he gives it a great try.

Finally, Alex Keenan comes in with "Tell Her You Love Her," which was featured in another obscure 1960s curio, "Otley." I haven't seen this one either, but based on the other films that were featured on Colgems soundtracks, I'll bet it was good.

You can find this latest volume at

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Complete Colgems Singles Vol. 6 Delayed

The release of the Complete Colgems Singles (Vol. 6) will be delayed a little bit due to the fact that I am missing the pictured single. I actually had a file of this 45, both A and B side, but when my computer crashed some months ago, these files went up in cyber smoke, and I have been searching for a replacement since.

I think I have found the replacement, but it may take a while to get it, so I am postponing the post until this music comes in.

Give me some time. I think it will be well worth your while.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

VOTE For the Best (Colgems) Team

Actually, this is the team I would vote for today--plus ol' Wool Hat, of course--if I had the chance, but since they are not on the ballot, all I can say is VOTE!--

And watch the Biography Channel on Thursday, November 6, where they rerun the Emmy nominated Monkees biography from 2007 and a new bio on Davy Jones back to back!