Monday, September 10, 2012

It Was 46 Years Ago This Week ...

It was 46 years ago this week, on September 12, 1966, that "The Monkees" TV show debuted on the NBC television network at 7:30 p.m. EST.

For better or worse, the way we listened to music, the way it was presented on TV, and the way music was delivered to us changed from that moment on. 

Like them or hate them, the impact of that show--and the enormous success of the Monkee

s' records--continues to be felt today.

And yes, their entire mini-tour--sans the late Davy Jones but with Michael Nesmith--is completely sold old.

Not bad for a band that basically packed it in--with a few reunions and comebacks mixed in--in 1970.

I am proud to have been a Monkees fan from the get go, and to see Nesmith perform with them is almost a dream come true.

The Monkees TV show is on Antenna TV on the weekends. By today's standards it is pretty quaint, but it still holds up to a certain degree, and the music is timeless.

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