Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Fact ... or Fiction?

You just knew there would be some type of craziness related to the upcoming Micky-Mike-Peter Monkees tour.

If you haven't heard about it, put the link into your browser and read all about it.

Fact ... or fiction?

By the way, the reason I haven't posted any uploads lately is that my account was suspended without warning, and I can't post anything anymore.

I will look for an alternate source, one that is free for everyone.



Blogger Sara Neeves said...

Hello. I could not find a way to post a message to you so I thought I would leave a comment.

I have a friend who has a very poor prognosis for Leiomyosarcoma (cancer). He has been battling this for many, many years and is a miraculous survivor. Doctors recently discovered an invasion in his lungs and he has started a very aggressive chemotherapy. He is a life-long Monkees fan and bought tickets for the December 1st show at the Paramount a long time ago (before the new tumors). He has been given permission to travel to this show and his chemotherapy has been aligned with his travels. This is on his "bucket list" and while I hope for a recovery, I don't know how much longer he will survive. Can you connect me with anyone who could perhaps help me arrange some type of backstage experience? Or anything special? I have searched and searched for a publicist, tour manager, etc, with very little luck. Any advice would be helpful. Below is what he posted on Facebook about how significant this concert is for him:

"When I found out today that I'll be starting chemotherapy soon, I told the doctor that Marty and I have tickets for a concert in New York on December 1 that I intend to attend if I have to go with an I.V. stuck in my arm. It was the only time I cried...The three surviving Monkees are pushing 70; I'm fifty. We're going to be in the same room before this year is over...The doctor said, "You'll go to the concert."

Thank you very much.
Sara Neeves

8:38 AM

Blogger Larry said...

Good luck! I truly hope that goal is reached.

10:26 AM

Blogger Ivanhoe said...

Here's the answer:


10:57 AM


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