Monday, April 04, 2011

TGIF-New Monkees Rereleases In May

Friday Music will be re-releasing several Monkees LPs with extra tracks on CD in May.

The list includes "Present", "Changes", "Pool It" and "Justus".

There is also word that the original David Jones LP on Colpix will be rereleased by this label.

I guess this means that the final Rhino Monkees rerelease will be "Instant Replay".

I hope Friday music does justice to these rereleases as Rhino has done.

Sure, you could argue with some of what Rhino did, but generally, they took more care with the Monkees' catalog than any other label has taken with any of its major acts' rereleases.


Blogger LARRY said...

There is nothing on their website.

1:16 PM

Blogger Larry said...

That is correct. But on their Facebook site, they allude to the re-releases and the possibility that not just the David Jones album, but also the later Bell Davy Jones LP, could be released on CD for the first time by them.

To me, unless they improve on the Rhino re-releases, these are not essential to my collection. If they include tracks that Rhino has not released, that is a different story.

I believe they are somehow hooked up with WEA, which means they are linked to Rhino .. maybe Rhino doesn't see the need for these re-releases, and has carted them off to Friday.

Who knows--I just know that they had better offer something different, or they won't find their way into my collection.

5:47 AM

Blogger Larry said...

I have found that these are simply re-releases of the original Rhino re-releases from several years ago. I guess they are good if you don't have the Rhino CDs, but for me, they aren't worth it.

Supposedly, they will have new liner notes, but otherwise, they are the same as the Rhino product, from what I can see.

5:02 AM

Blogger mr_mjb1960 said...

I hope Friday found the Original Stereo Masters for the "David Jones" Lp..Rhino has been quoted as saying those tapes were lost..Perhaps they'd found them,at last..Only time shall tell,I guess.

4:32 PM

Blogger mr_mjb1960 said...

They're now sayin the target date is May 24th for both "Present" and "Changes"..Both will have Newly Updated Liners,New Remastered Sound and the Label will have "The Monkees" where the Original "COLGEMS" Logo would be! Looks good!

4:02 PM

Blogger Larry said...

I am looking more forward to the potential "David Jones" release than the Monkees' releases. The Monkees material seems to be just an upgrade from the Rhino stuff, whereas the David Jones material, if it in fact gets released, would be a first for CD. I have the original album, but it might be nice to get it on CD with bonus tracks--I wonder if Colpix ever recorded Jones' tunes as part of Oliver, since his vocals are not found on the Broadway cast album of that musical. There was some contractual thing going on back then, but maybe, just maybe, those tunes do exist. We'll see.

4:42 AM

Blogger mr_mjb1960 said...

Better get ready,Larry.."David Jones" will be issued on Sept.27,with two rare bonusus!

4:27 PM


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