Friday, September 17, 2010

Go To the "Head" of the Class

The "Head" bandwagon has revved up and it appears to be in full swing right now.

On Monday, Sept. 20, an expanded edition of the Monkees' soundtrack to their only movie will be released by Rhino Records. It will have numerous extras, including much unreleased material.

Then, a few weeks later, the film will be re-released in a boxed set of DVDs highlighting movies of the late 1960s. I have also heard that the film, also with numerous extras, will be re-released as a single film on its own before the end of the year.

"Head" is one of the most insane, off the wall movies ever released. If for some reason you may have not seen it yet, it is something that you must see not once, but several times. Each time you see it, you will get something different out of it.

It is not the Monkees' TV show dragged out to almost 90 minutes--it is something way more than that, giving us a vehicle to both look at Davy, Peter, Mike, and Micky at that time in their careers, but also a way to look at our society at that time and yes, a way to look at us.

This was guerilla movie making before the term was coined, and there are so many ins and outs to this film that it would take me a 10,000 words just to get into it superficially.

Funny, but the soundtrack often gets lost in the discussion of this film, but it is wonderful. It features some of the Monkees' best, most adult songs, and it also features snippets of dialogue and sound effects that make listening to the soundtrack another fulfilling experience, even if you have never seen the film.

I purposely am not going too long with this entry, because this is supposed to be a Colgems site, and really, all these years later, this has nothing to do with the label.

However, the re-releases are an astounding event, considering how the film and soundtrack bombed so badly more than 40 years ago.

So go out and get the album and DVD when it appears, because you will move to the "Head" of the class of rock and roll by doing so.

You won't be sorry, I can promise you that.


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I did a lill' parody of
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