Monday, September 15, 2008

New Upload: The Complete Colgems Singles (Vol. 4)

Here is another volume of Colgems singles. This volume highlights the Monkees, Fountain of Youth, Paula Wayne, and the Lewis and Clarke Expedition.

Through 1968, the Monkees were still riding high as among the top pop groups in the world. Their strong single, Valleri/Tapioca Tundra, showed just how strong they were, with both sides charting on the Hot 100 chart. Later, they would hit again with D.W. Washburn/It's Nice to Be With You, but the end was coming near for them as chart champions.

Other Colgems artists were beginning to make their mark. Paula Wayne, like Davy Jones, was a seasoned Broadway performer when she recorded a few sides for the label. Yours Until Tomorrow/It's a Happening World might have been her best single.

The Fountain of Youth should have been huge, but they weren't. They put out a number of singles on the label, but could never make it to the next level. This volume highlights three of their top sides, including a fine cover of fellow labelmates' the Monkees "Take a Giant Step."

The Lewis and Clarke Expedition were the label's No. 2 act behind the Monkees, but that was like finishing second in a two horse race. Chain Around the Flowers is one of their top tunes, a perfect meld of country and pop.

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The next volume in the series currently has one hole in it that to date I have not been able to fill. Peter Kastner's Time Out is desperately needed--anybody out there have it and is willing to share it with the rest of us? Please let me know!



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