Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Do You Think?

A member of one of my Yahoo Groups asked me to upload all of the Monkees material that I had, primarily the albums (both mono and stereo).

As you know, my main purpose with this blog and my Colgems group was to highlight the other acts that populated the Colgems roster. I purposely stayed away from the Monkees because that material is widely available.

However, I know a lot of my members were completely dissatisfied with the mono and stereo mixes on the latest rereleases of the Monkees' first four albums. They have told me that the original mixes were much better and should have been used, but weren't.

Does this warrant the task of digitizing these albums? I am putting that question to you, because I simply can't decide on my own.

What do you think?


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