Monday, July 14, 2008

This Month's Upload-The Complete Colgems Singles Volume 2

I have uploaded the next in the series of Colgems singles.

This group features a diverse number of artists, including Sally Field, Jewel Akens, the Lewis and Clarke Expedition, the Hung Jury and the Monkees.

The label was in high gear during 1967, and it showed with this slowly expanding talent roster. The real surprise here might be the Hung Jury tracks, which are 1960s power pop at its best.

Although the Monkees continued to get the majority of attention, the tunes by Sally Field (as the Flying Nun) and the LCE were also getting some attention as the label tried to show that it was something more than a one-hit-act entity.

These files can be accessed at

More next month.


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