Friday, October 26, 2007

Colgems Want List

Okay, it is getting down to the wire.

I am running out of Colgems material to upload.

I still have a few things that haven't been made available yet, and I will do that as the year runs out. However, the time is coming when I won't have anything left to post.

I need some singles from the label, but right now, I want to concentrate on the albums, most notably the soundtracks. Here is a selection of LPs I do not have:

Hammerhead (COS-110)
Lawrence of Arabia (COSO 5004--only the Colgems release, not the release on Colpix or any other label)
Night of the Generals (CCOSO 5002)
Otley (COSO 112)
Southern Star (COSO 5009)

Does anyone have these? If you have them on MP3 format, please let me know, off list if you can. I am sure we can work something out.



Blogger THXjay said...


I have a copy of Hammerhead, where would you like me to post it ?

I posted it on my blog a while ago

8:58 AM

Blogger Larry said...

If it is possible, if you could send me a link at my email address and I will see to it that everyone either gets it or I can direct them to where I have reposted the files.


8:16 PM

Blogger THXjay said...


Call me stupid but where exactly do I get your e-mail address from?

Do you want me to just post it here?

We'll get there eventually :)


9:14 AM

Blogger Larry said...

Oops, my fault.

Email me at with the link. I will post it for all to see.


9:44 PM

Blogger THXjay said...

No problem, it's in the mail :)

I must just say that it's not my own vinyl rip, I found this online a long time ago and can't remember where it came from, so all credit to the original ripper.


3:19 AM


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