Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Colgems Is Back!

Well, my computer crashed. Everything was fried. I just got it back yesterday, basically bare--everything was removed, and Microsoft Windows XP Professional was installed--without a Word Processing program. I tried to upload the word processing program that I had, but it failed. I guess I have to go out and get another one, unless anyone else has any other suggestions.

Anyway, related to Colgems, I just received another set of Colgems MP3s, which I will post sometime in the future. The MP3s are on a hard to find soundtrack.

Again, I still don't know what I will post next, but as I said earlier, all the Colgems stuff was stored away, so the computer crash did not impact what I have at all.

Let's hear it for no more crashes, and more Colgems uploads.

(Update: Oh no! The computer goes back to the shop tomorrow. It still is not working right. I still can't install a word processing program. Who knows when I will get it back. Anyway, that will not stop me from posting material next week, so stay tuned. Hopefully, this saga will be over early next week.)


Blogger Dan said...

Welcome back, Larry! Hope things with the computer will be more stable from now on!

7:00 AM

Blogger Larry said...

Dear Dan:
Thanks. I have a lot of material that I still haven't posted--and more that I am still looking for--and hopefully everything will be fine now--as long as I can get a word processing program up and running.

9:49 AM


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