Monday, August 07, 2006

Mono Head

According to one of the members of my Colgems Yahoo Group, there was a mono version of the soundtrack "Head" which was released in countries where the changeover from mono to stereo was slower. According to this person, there were some differences in the tracks between the mono and stereo versions of the soundtrack:

"On some tracks,like "As We Go Along," there is echo reverb during the guitar solo just before Micky starts to sing on the mono version. On the stereo version, however, there is none. There are other mixes in mono that are noticibly different(about four or five tracks, I think.) Also, the covers were different as well. The U.S. cover,as you know, was made so that the buyer's head could be seen looking back. However, the European version had four pictures of The Monkees in concert in
1968. This cover was used for the '80's Japanese re-issue on Arista."

I hope the new reissue series delves into these and other differences between stereo and mono versions of these albums.


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