Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Colgems Mystery Artist - Alex Keenan

Do you know anything about Alex Keenan?

No, I don't either. Well, at least not much. This Colgems artist evidently was Welsh, and recorded this song to extremely limited fanfare in most of the United States. However, in Hawaii, this became an enormous hit, and is still played on radio there today.

This Howard Greenfield/Neil Sedaka tune is sort of an Andy William-ish MOR song that stays with you even after one listen--and yes, Andy Williams did record this too, as did a few others artists on different labels.

But again, the mystery of Alex Keenan remains. He recorded two singles for Colgems, but that's about all I know on his recording career. Heck, I don't even have a photo to go along with this link! (One day later I've posted the Otley soundtrack, which he is on, but not with the posted song.)

Enjoy "One Day of Your Life."


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