Friday, June 16, 2006

Colgems Cassette

Here's a very rare Colgems cassette, the original Monkees Greatest Hits album from 1969. The original LP is fairly rare, so I would assume that the cassette is even rarer--and the 8-track is probably the rarest of all.

I don't know how many Colgems albums also came out as cassettes beyond the Monkees releases. I would assume that many of the soundtracks came out this way too.


Blogger Dualtrack said...

I found the Colgems edition of the Oliver! soundtrack at the Goodwill last night for 10 cents. It even had the original Colgems plastic case, with the sticker strip on the top with the titling. My cassette of The Monkees Greatest Hits has the same title strip on the top (of the black part of the plastic case).

Interesting, at this same Goodwill, a few months ago I found what I thought to be an original Colgems edition of Oliver! (the cassette's j-card had the Colgems logo on it) but when I got home, I saw that it was a reissue! It made me wonder how many of the Colgems releases were reissued on cassette with their original artwork for the cover. And I don't mean like the Arista Monkees cassettes - I mean with the same artwork as the original Colgems cassette editions.

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