Friday, May 05, 2006

The Lewis and Clarke Expedition - Destination Unknown

Here is one of their best songs. Too bad it went by the wayside. And it had a good picture sleeve too!


Blogger Dan said...

Hi Larry... just wanted to let you know that the "yousendit" link you have for this at the moment is for downloading the Sajid song below. Thought you might want to edit/change the link.

THANK YOU so very much for sharing all this great, but little known music!


11:47 AM

Blogger Larry said...

Sorry, I changed it. I am doing so many things at once that I didn't realize I duplicated this.

5:59 PM

Blogger Dan said...

Hey--it happens sometimes! No apologies needed. Just thought you'd want to know it was the wrong link.

6:30 PM


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