Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hung Jury Buses 45

Here is the actual Hung Jury 45 that I placed the link to. It was written by Parker and Moeller and produced by Chris Houston. I don't have any information on the single beyond that, nor do I know who these people are, although they might have been part of the group for all I know.

Any further information would be appreciated.


Blogger Dan said...

Thanks for scanning that label, Larry.

Checking BMI, the record is listed as having been written by:


Unfortunately, I know even less about the group members than you do.

Did Chris Houston also produce the B side ("Let The Good Times In")?

11:05 AM

Blogger Larry said...

Yes he did.

And this one gets some extra notice because it was written by Carol Bayer (Sager) and Neil Sedaka!

6:17 PM

Blogger furrball said...

If I remember correctly, Moeller and Parker were members of the British group Unit 4+2 (remember "Concrete And Clay"? They wrote it!)

3:40 AM

Blogger Boursin said...

That's correct.

And Chris Houston (more often spelled Huston) was the lead guitarist with another British band, the Undertakers. After they relocated from Liverpool to New York City in the mid-'60s and then split up, he stayed and became a producer/engineer, most notably at Talent Masters Studio in Manhattan, who did a lot of R&B recordings for labels like Atlantic.

Googling around I see he's even got a web site.

9:12 AM


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