Friday, May 26, 2006

Hoyt Axton

As mentioned earlier, Hoyt Axton was only one of three Colpix artists who came on board Colgems when it was created in 1966.

Although his output was just one single, I must say it is one enjoyable record, both A and B sides. And the picture sleeve, as you can see, is pretty outstanding too.

Right after the release of this record, his name became even better known in the musical community, as he wrote a number of pop and rock hits for a slew of varied artists. Here is a list of some of them:

"The Pusher", covered by Steppenwolf on their debut album in 1968;
"No-No Song", which became a #3 hit for Ringo Starr in March 1975;
"Never Been To Spain", covered by Three Dog Night and Elvis Presley; and,
"Joy to the World", the Three Dog Night hit from April 1971 which reached the top spot on the charts.

He later became a well known character actor, but Axton, who died in 1999, will always be remembered for his songwriting.

Although just a minor blip on his musical map, here is San Fernando, one side of his lone Colgems release.


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