Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Final Monkees Colgems Single

All good things have to come to and end, and the final Monkees Colgems single put an exclamation point to The Monkees project.

Put out to coincide with the "Changes" album release, "Oh My My" was a vain attempt to resurrect a once glorious franchise. It's soul/bubblegum leanings, brought to the fore by Jeff Barry and Andy Kim, gave Micky Dolenz one of his best vocal outings. The B side was bubblegum to the extreme.

Consequently, the single flopped, the album was a dud, and The Monkees, as we know it, was done--at least for a while.

By the way, an accompanying video was made of the song, having the remaining Monkees riding motorcycles. Mike was gone, although contractually, he appeared with his former bandmates in a couple of print ads and commercials, including for the new Nerf line of toys.

And Peter, at this point in time, as they say, was real GONE.


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