Thursday, May 04, 2006

Colgems Star Sajid Khan

Next to Davy Jones and the rest of The Monkees, no other Colgems artist got more of a major push as a teen idol than Sajid Khan. He rose to fame in both the movie and TV versions of Maya (co-starring Dennis the Menace's Jay North), and he had "that look" for a 1960s teen idol.

Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine gave him ample spreads into the early 1970s, and thus far, he is probably one of the few performers from India to receive such coverage.

Since his heyday, he has become a big actor in Bollywood, although few of his films have been seen by American audiences.

He released one Colgems album and a couple of singles. Although his singing talent was dubious at best, his recordings are breezy and airy, sort of like Davy Jones if Davy was from India. They are "world" before the term "world music" was ever coined.

More from Sajid's recordings later today.


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