Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Colgems Soundtrack: Getting Straight (1970)

Getting Straight was a hip movie for 1970, starring then sizzling hot Elliot Gould and Candice Bergen. Gould plays Harold Bailey, who returns from Vietnam to get his masters degree so he can teach English. However, the explosive atmosphere on collge campuses forces him into a role as a campus radical. Bergen plays his girlfriend, who dreams of living in the suburbs.

Even the presence of Gould and Bergen couldn't lift the film out of the doldrums, and it pretty much bombed during its run in theaters. However, the soundtrack holds up as a period piece, featuring some pretty interesting music. Here is a sample, the Main Title of the film by Ronald Stein.


Blogger DJ Ark said...

hiii could you reupload this one pleaseeee

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Blogger Avi said...

Hey Larry, Please Do Upload.

Merry Christmas mate

6:13 AM

Blogger 2,3, Break! said...

Yea I agree would you pls post a working link, I need for full version of pigs go home!

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