Monday, May 22, 2006

Colgems Songwriters - Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart

Talking about Colgems songwriters, you can't leave out Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart. Their music and production highlighted the early output of The Monkees, and they did all this while carving out a pretty neat recording career of their own, highlighted by "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight."

They did just about everything for The Monkees project, and were basically "the chief cook and bottlewashers" of the project under Don Kirshner. When Kirshner was booted, Tommy and Bobby basically were, too, but at that point, they had their own careers to worry about.

Although they did not record for Colgems (their records are primarily on A&M), the success of The Monkees--and thus, the success of Colgems Records--could be tied into their efforts.


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