Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Colgems' Last Gasp With The Monkees

Incredibly, Colgems Records lasted into 1971 with this el cheapo release of Monkees tunes. It was a double-LP set, featuring most of the best-known tunes from the Pre-Fab Four.

But boy, was it cheesy! From the front cover drawing, to the vinyl, which was floppier than stomach flab, this set signalled the end of the label.

At one time, this album was very hard to find, but it has turned up pretty consistently on various sites over the past 10 years or so. I got mine in the 1970s for about a dollar, which in my mind, is really all that it is worth. For completists, though, it's a must have.


Blogger Patrick said...

"...the vinyl, which was floppier than stomach flab"

Ah, yes...the infamous "Dynaflex" pressings.

I have several other RCA albums from this period. The vinyl doesn't hold up very well.

5:41 AM


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