Monday, May 08, 2006

Colgems Formats Part 2

Here is another of the formats that Colgems used for its releases. I assume this came out when the original album was released (see Colgems discography).


Blogger WaltDatedWorld said...

It's interesting that the cassette used this artwork, which was only used on Puerto Rican pressings of the LP and on the CD artwork when Rhino Reissued it.

5:56 PM

Blogger Larry said...

Dear Walt:
Yes, that is true. The more I think about it, it may have been used because this cassette came out after the LP did. Just a guess.

10:13 AM

Blogger WaltDatedWorld said...


I'm actually female. I run the Walt Dated World website.

10:32 AM

Blogger Larry said...

Sorry 'bout that.

7:48 PM

Blogger Dan said...

So if this isn't the original cover of "Instant Replay," do you have the original to show here? :-)

3:55 PM

Blogger Larry said...

Dear Dan:
Will do at another time.

7:19 PM


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