Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Colgems Back Covers-The Monkees Beards Cover

The Monkees' "Headquarters" album was their third chart-topper, but it was interesting beyond its #1 status on several levels.

First, it was the first Monkees album to come out after Don Kirshner got booted off the project. The Monkees played their own instruments on the LP, along with a number of session players. Also, the album featured no singles released in the U.S., although Micky Dolenz's "Randy Scouse Git," as "Alternate Title" around the world due to the inappropriate slang nature of the title, was a hit around the world.

Another distinctive feature of the LP was that when it was rereleased, a new photo was added to the back cover, that of The Monkees--with beards! Why this photo was added is unknown, but it has made the rerelease very collectible, as the "beards cover."


Blogger dauber said...

Hey there...I found your Colgems blog in a Google search, looking for ORIGINAL album artwork for my iPod (too lazy to scan my own covers!)...

Anyway, I'm guessing that in the years since you posted about the "beards cover" you probably found out why the picture was substituted, but just in case you haven't...I believe it's because the original pressing actually had the WRONG picture -- note the incorrect photo caption...but the "beards" picture actually does match the caption.

BTW -- years ago when my wife and I frequented a semiannual record show in Edison, New Jersey, there was a dealer who was offering the Colgems repressing with the bears for an inflated price, with a sticker that said "RARE BEARDS PHOTO." ha!

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