Friday, May 05, 2006

Colgems Ad-The Lewis and Clarke Expedition

The Lewis and Clarke Expedition were Colgems' number two rock act, but certainly a distant second to The Monkees. Ironically, there were several Monkees connections in the band, primarily Michael Murphy, who had written some songs for the Pre-Fab Four and was friends with Michael Nesmith.

Their biggest hit was "I Feel Good (I Feel Bad)," which probably would have hit the top of the charts if it was recorded by Nesmith and his group. LCE actually produced a number of excellent singles ("Blue Revelation" stands out), but they were never able to become that popular, even though they did garner some TV and movie exposure.

Michael Murphy went on to become a popular artist, with "Wildfire" his biggest pop hit and under the monicker Michael Martin Murphy, a number of country hits. Another band member, Boomer Castleman, is a well-known name in pop music too.

Here's an advertisement touting them. Look for more later.


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