Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Enigma of Paula Wayne

Paula Wayne recorded several singles for Colgems in varying styles, but who in the world is Paula Wayne.

I at first thought that she was African American, based on her role with Sammy Davis, Jr., in "Golden Boy" (pictured) on Broadway. But further investigation shows that she was Caucasian. I only bring this up as a point of reference--it shows what I know.

Anyway, she also appeared in several other Broadway productions, including "Best Foot Forward" with Liza Minnelli. After several Broadway appearances, this singer/actress appeared to fade off the face of the earth.

Her Colgems output took her into varying styles of pop, everything from Petula Clark-sounding numbers to more introspective tunes. Try this one with the link that I have supplied: "Yours Until Tomorrow."

If anyone has any further information on this artist, please send it my way. Of all the Colgems artists, she is one who I can't find very much about, which makes me even more curious about her than I normally would be.


Blogger WaltDatedWorld said...

If this is the song by Goffin/King (the link is expired so I couldn't hear it), the Monkees also attempted to record this song, according to Andrew Sandoval's book.

6:01 PM

Blogger tom said...

Is it possible to re-upload this link? I'd love to hear all of the Paula Wayne singles, as I love her, too.


8:54 PM


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